The Problem

I think we’ve all figured out by now that those so-called “standard” shoe sizes aren’t really all that standard. What fits you in one brand will be too tight or too loose in another brand. That’s assuming they even have your size in stock!

There are many factors to shoe fit besides just length (the “shoe size”). There is also the shoe width: AA (narrowest), A, B, C/D, E, and EE (widest). Did you know these are the official widths? Probably not, so it’s not likely you would know which one is yours. Here’s a fun fact for you: feet are 3-dimenssional! Who knew? That’s right, the hight of your foot can also affect fit. Whether it’s your bone structure, or other factors, the height of your foot will affect how tight the shoe feels, even if the width of your foot happens to fall in the “standard” width category. And this is all before we start talking about ankle and calf widths for boots! Even if you are one of the lucky few who wear a size they always seem to have in stock at the store, finding boots that fit your calf can be very difficult!

So why not make each pair of shoes to fit each person?

Well soon, we will…

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